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About the Association

NW3C has been a nationwide support system for law enforcement and regulatory agencies involved in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of economic and cyber crime for well over three decades. We are a premier leader in training and technical support, but we want to do more.

We are bringing together the law enforcement community and the private sector to combat current and future cyber and economic crimes collectively through a new association—the International Association of Cyber & Economic Crime Professionals (IACECP).

The IACECP will empower its members to better serve their communities through innovative and robust learning platforms and networking. The IACECP will also provide the opportunity for professional credentialing through a certification program. This program will offer a number of certifications that cover both cyber and economic specializations.

If you are interested in the upcoming association or certifications, click here.

Membership Categories

  1. Member—this membership is open to individuals who join the IACECP.
  2. Student Member—this membership is open to individuals who are currently enrolled in an academic degree program and who are not current in-service professionals.
  3. Associate Member—this membership is open to businesses, organizations and non-profits whose missions complement the collaborative efforts of law enforcement, industry, private sector and academia.

Any IACECP membership obtained during the first year will be classified as a charter member.

Preview of Membership Benefits

• Discounts on fee-based trainings.
• Webinars on emerging trends, technology, case studies, best practices, tools and product demos at discounted rates or for free.
• A moderated listserv/discussion forum.
• Podcasts on tips and tricks and trending topics to include new mobile apps.

Certification Offerings


Certified Economic Crime Forensic Examiner (CECFE)

The Certified Economic Crime Forensic Examiner certification will be available for professionals in both law enforcement and the private sector. This certification will attest to one’s knowledge, skills and abilities to investigate and analyze information related to financial misconduct of all types. The holders of this certification will have proven they possess a working knowledge of illegal financial activity and the skills needed to follow the money.


Certified Digital Evidence Collection and Handling Technician (CDECHT)

The Certified Digital Evidence Collection and Handling Technician certification will be targeted to all law enforcement personnel who have the potential to encounter digital evidence. This certification will demonstrate one’s ability to recognize, preserve, collect and transport digital evidence according to best practices.

Certified Cyber Crime Examiner (CCCE)

The Certified Cyber Crime Examiner certification is available only to law enforcement (sworn or unsworn). This certification will validate one’s knowledge in the identification and proper handling of digital evidence, types of digital hardware technologies, common filesystems, best practices in forensic imaging, documenting, reporting and legal considerations. Candidates will work through written exams and real-world practical exercises to demonstrate their knowledge of proper forensic techniques and best practices for working with digital evidence.

There is a grandfathering provision available for individuals who meet the requirements as determined by the IACECP for the certifications listed above.