This course provides students with basic information on the purpose and process of encryption.  Students also receive instruction on how to detect and respond to encryption on a computer.   "Best practices" for proper response to encryption are also covered in this course.

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  Length Class Part/Link Status
10 minPre-test

In this module the course pre-test will be completed.

35 minEncryption

This module covers each of the topics listed in the course description.

10 minPost-test and Certificate

In this module the course post test will be completed. Upon successful completion of the post test, a certificate of completion will be awarded.

5 minEvaluation

Student feedback is an important part of the training cycle. Please complete the following evaluation to assist us in determining the effectiveness of our training and to obtain 100% completion for this course.


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Forensics Tool Testing


In an effort to enhance its support for law enforcement at the state and local level, NW3C participates in the National Institute for Science and Technology’s Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) steering committee.

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