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Fast Track Program (STOP, BDRA & IDRA)

There is no tuition fee for this NW3C class for anyone actively employed with a State, Local or Tribal Law Enforcement agency.

For any class with a duration of 2 days or more, NW3C will charge Federal employees $750.00 per student. Agencies will receive an invoice upon completion of the training.

The NW3C Fast Track program (FT) was developed to assist agencies in establishing or replenishing a cadre of computer forensic examiners in a short period of time. (2 months) The FT consists of three classes, Cyber-Investigation 101 – STOP, Cybercop 101 – BDRA, and Cybercop 201 – IDRA. These classes are delivered at one location in two one week sessions, over a two month period. These courses provide the students with the knowledge and skill sets to collect and preserve the digital media, how to create duplicate images of digital media, and to understand the architecture and functionality of the Windows NT file system (NTFS), the FAT file system, and related processing issues.

PREREQUISITES: For this program each student registering will be checked to ensure they have taken the required training: Cyber-Investigation 100 - ISEE (either classroom or online) and the online training Basic Computer Skills . An email will be sent upon registration confirmation if these have not been completed directing the student to each online training.

There are 3 FT - Basic classes currently scheduled.
Mon, Apr 20, 2015 Orange County RCFL
Suite 800
3800 West Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92868
Mon, May 18, 2015 239 Middle Turnpike East
Manchester, CT 06040
Mon, Jul 20, 2015 Suite 2100
5000 Nasa Boulevard
Fairmont, WV 26554

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Forensics Tool Testing

National Institute of Standards and Technology

In an effort to enhance its support for law enforcement at the state and local level, NW3C participates in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) steering committee.

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Hosting NW3C Classes

If you are interested in hosting NW3C’s training in your area please review the appropriate information below. Note that your agency will be allowed to reserve seats for the class(es) and must meet the criteria described in the document associated with the type of hosting you request.

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Phone:   (877) 628-7674
Email: training@nw3c.org

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