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ICAC-Fast Track Program Advanced (WinArt, INET, MTI & iDevices)

This course is funded through OJJDP. To register for this class, you must be affiliated with an ICAC Task Force. Furthermore, you must agree to comply with the Best Practices and Standards established by ICAC. If you have any questions about the ICAC Best Practices and Standards, please contact your ICAC commander.

The NW3C Advanced Fast Track program (FT) was developed to provide experienced computer forensic examiners with specialized knowledge and skills on advanced file systems, operating systems, internet trace evidence, and the Macintosh operating/file system. The FT consists of four classes, Cybercop 315 – WinArt, Cybercop 320 – INET, Cybercop 215 - Macintosh® Triage and Imaging and Cybercop 225 – Apple® iDevice Forensics. These classes are delivered at one location in three one week sessions, over a three month period.

These courses provide the students with the knowledge and skill sets to competently examine the most current Microsoft operating systems, XP, VISTA, Windows 7 and Windows 8; the NT file system; and the trace evidence available on a system from the operation of popular internet applications, such as browsers, the handling, imaging, and analysis of Apple® iDevices (iPhones, iPads, and iPods) and the techniques for triage and imaging of Apple Macintosh® computers.

PREREQUISITES: Each of these courses has prerequisites that have to be met by students. Please review the individual course descriptions for content and requirements.

There are currently no scheduled classes for this course. If you are interested in knowing when the next class might be offered or would like more information in general please see the training contact information on this page.

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