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NW3C processes search requests for local, state and tribal members. These members may submit search requests and receive results within 24 business hours, free of charge.

Our intelligence technician performs database searches on individuals and businesses as they relate to white collar crimes, cyber crimes, terrorism or exploitation of children. Public database searches can be used to identify corporate officers, locate assets, identify relatives and associates, and trace an individual’s location and criminal record.

We are also capable of charting data using i2 Analyst's Notebook® for those search requests that may involve several related entities.

NW3C utilizes a variety of public databases, including: CLEAR, TLO and the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Users are reminded that state-level searches differ both in the types of records available and in the amount of information contained in the public filings.

Some of the search groupings available through the databases include:

Business Search
Corporation Records/Filings
National UCC Filings
Internet Domains
Fictitious Business Names (DBA)
Vital Statistics
Locate Individuals Anywhere in the U.S.
Address Location report
National Death Locator
Driver License Searches
Concealed Weapon Permits
Professional Licenses including Medical Providers
FAA Pilot
Voter Registrations
Federal Firearms & Explosives
DEA Controlled Substances
Criminal Records
Sexual Offenders
Official Records
Liens & Judgments
Reverse Lookup

Vehicle Registration Searches
Vehicle VIN
Property Ownership & Assessments
FAA Aircraft
Motor Vehicles


Important things to know before submitting your request
  • All search requests must have a connection to white collar, high-tech, cyber crime, terrorism or the exploitation of children.
  • Do not enter just “fraud” as the type violation/crime.  Also, do not enter “codes” only (for example, 20CFR404.140). Please be specific about the type of violation/crime. If you are unable to specifically identify the violation/crime, then provide a brief explanation in the space provided.
  • All requests will be returned within 24 business hours.
  • If you have a request with more than 27 subjects (people and businesses), please call (800) 221-4424, ext. 3520.


Terms of Use
The National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) is pleased to provide you with the public record information which you have requested.

Due to the nature of the information we provide, the agreements that we have with the various companies which supply this information to us require that access to, and distribution of, the information be limited. Please take a moment and read the following restrictions concerning appropriate distribution and use of this information.

This information is provided to law enforcement and other agencies with criminal investigative authority in order to assist you in your efforts to combat economic and high tech crime. Your distribution and use of NW3C-provided public record information should be used in compliance with federal, state and local laws. Members should make every effort to restrict distribution to those staff within their offices that have a need to know. Identifying information, such as social security numbers, should be stored in secure areas with procedures that will prevent the inadvertent release of the information to unauthorized persons.

Additionally, the reports are “raw” information and should be verified by the recipient agencies prior to taking any related action.

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